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Christmas Minis
Christmas Minis
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Christmas Minis

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Mini Christmas (See Image Gallery & Below Select all to buy)
Angel 1 $1
Angel 2 $1
Angel 3 $1
Bell $1
Deer1 $1
Lace Tree (1" 1.5" 2" and 2.5") $3
Let It Snow $2
Light $1
Ornament $2
Reindeer 2 $2
Santa Face Mini & 1" $2
Santa Star $1
Sleigh1 $1
Sleigh2 $1
Sleigh3 $1
Snowman Fill $2
Snowman Skier $2
Tree 1 $1
Tree 2 $2
Tree 3 $2
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Here are all the Christmas mini design. More will be added as time goes by. If you would like to see something added that isn't here, please email me.
To see all the images please click on the Gallery Link in the Red box.

Please check the items you would like to purchase. The prices are listed next to each of the mini designs. Do not need to change the quantity                                     
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